A New Facebook Post Asks Certain Readers to Rethink Their Attitudes About Vulnerability

Every person is vulnerable to some extent and in certain ways. Vulnerability can even be appealing to others, if it is of the right types and only found in moderation. A new post at the page on Facebook for Giordana Toccaceli looks into how negative sorts of vulnerability can easily turn partners and prospects off.

Being Vulnerable is Natural, but Indulging in It is Not

All people are inherently limited in their own ways, and this will always mean being vulnerable, as well. Some especially opportunistic and ruthless individuals seek out notably vulnerable people to manipulate and take advantage of.

Much more often, a person’s areas of vulnerability become integrated into the broader whole. Having sensitive subjects and points of touchiness is something that few can avoid and even fewer should likely try to.

At the same time, it always needs to be recognized that vulnerability is a form of weakness and therefore not something to be indulged in without limit. Recognizing a person’s own vulnerabilities and accommodating them in healthy, positive ways is always productive and practical. Purposely turning vulnerabilities into defining features that come to dominate a person’s life is rarely wise or healthy.

Seek More From Partners Than Protection from Vulnerability

Unfortunately, this turns out to be a difficult lesson for some to learn. In fact, exposing and indulging in their own vulnerabilities ends up being a crutch for some people, particularly when it comes to relationships.

These soft spots can actually be displayed and used in ways that are surprisingly calculating and cold, in certain cases. Among those who have turned their areas of vulnerability into tools or weapons to be used against others, an outright dependence on this type of manipulative behavior quite commonly develops.

While that might sometimes feel rewarding in the short term, as when it allows a person to maintain a hold on a romantic partner, this is an inherently limiting and negative way of interacting with others. When an honest look at a person’s relationships reveals a pattern of such behaviors, rethinking attitudes about vulnerability will often be in order. As the recent post on Facebook by relationship authority Toccaceli makes clear, that can turn out to be some of the most important work of all.

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