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The Well-Known Iceland Hot Springs

A hot spring is a spring which is formed when heated water from the underground rises to the earth’s surface. It is dangerous to swim in some hot springs since they have water which is heated to high temperatures. The heating of the water takes place in the mantle. Submerging yourself in the hot springs has been proven to boost the health. The hot spring water has been proven to have calcium and sodium bicarbonate which improves blood circulation. The natural hotness of the hot spring water will also provide relief from pain and tiredness. Some hot springs are also used in running turbines which produce power. Iceland is one of the countries which have plenty of hot springs. The following are the famous hot springs in Iceland.

The most famous among the Iceland hot springs is the Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa is located on Reykjanes Peninsula in Grindavik. There is a geothermal plant near the Blue Lagoon. The silica and sulfur found in the Blue Lagoon have some skin diseases healing effect. The water in this lagoon is suitable for swimming and bathing since its temperatures range from 37-39 degrees centigrade. This hot spring is located about 60 km from Reykjavik.

Landbrotalaug is another famous hot spring in Iceland. You will just spend one and a half hours to reach this hot spring from Reykjavik. The pool is not big enough to accommodate more than three people. In order to explore Landbrotalaug better, you should visit early in the morning or during the seasons when tourists are not many.

Reykjadalur steam valley is another area with many hot springs. This valley is located 30-minutes’ drive from Reykjavik. You should visit this place in the morning so that you will have enough time exploring it. One should be careful since some parts are hotter than the others. The entrance to Reykjadalur is free.

Another famous hot spring is the Landmannalaugar. The hot spring is found near the orange rhyolite mountains of Iceland. The water at the lower part of this hot spring has lower temperatures so you should move to the upper part.

Laugardalslaug is another hot spring you should visit while in Iceland. Some people you will find in Laugardalslaug in the morning or evening are going to or from work respectively. This big swimming facility is equipped with saunas and water slides for children.

The Gamla Laugin is another hot spring you should visit in Iceland. The Gamla Laugin can also be referred to as the Secret Lagoon. This oldest swimming pool is located just one and a half hours from Reykjavik.

These are the six hot springs you should visit in Iceland.

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