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How to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language as an adult could prove very hard and time-consuming. You will require to be persistent and dedicated in this journey to achieve your goal. There is no saying to how many months you will require to learn Spanish hence do not be fooled by anyone who says it took them only a few months to learn a completely different language. Spanish as a language has both a long history and beauty to it which makes it one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is very easy for an English speaker to learn Spanish since the two languages share some history. However, do not be worried since this article will give you a few tips on how to learn Spanish by yourself.

The first step is to learn and memorize all the Spanish alphabets by pronouncing them correctly. Alphabets in the Spanish and English language are mostly similar except how they are pronounced. This is the biggest challenge you would come across because you are not used to different sounds other than those in English. From the alphabets, the next step is reading words which result in reading sentences. Every language has several pronunciation rules, and it is important to keep the Spanish rules in mind as you practice which will give you an easy time. Once you understand the alphabets learn the numbers too. This should be easy as they are almost similar to those in English.

When learning a foreign language, it is essential for you to keep memorizing the few words you learn every day. By this, it gets really easy for you to speak some Spanish as a beginner. Set a target of the number of words you should learn every day and memorize them till you are comfortable enough to use them in a sentence correctly. Since we have already established that English and Spanish share a lot of words, you can start by learning the similar words which make up to thirty- five percent of the similar words. Have a notebook at hand so that you can write down words you hear from Spanish speaking people and look up the meaning when you are free.

Watching movies or television shows in Spanish is another way to increase your knowledge of the language. This way, you are able to pick up different vocabulary especially if they have Spanish subtitles. This will help you pick up a few words and phrases as you try to read them on your screen. Since you have a smartphone, you can use the Spanish language to operate it instead. This will be quite a rough experience on the very first days since you will come across unfamiliar words which you will have to compare them to English to know what they mean.

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