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Learning ESL While Having Fun

For people who didn’t grow up learning English, it can actually be hard for them to grasp certain concepts and words. However, with enough time and practice, people can start to understand, converse in the language and to become as good as the native speakers. All around the globe, ESL courses are becoming more favored and popular. The English language itself is used in a lot of fields, a sort of lingua franca in business, academics, research and in formal communication between different nationalities. ESL learning does not need to be boring and as difficult as it can be since there are a lot of exercises and activities one can do in order to allow learning to be easier. ESL learning can be taught in a number of ways.

Learning the English language really isn’t as straight forward as most native speakers think it is. The language has a lot of concepts to understand including parts of a sentence, constructing a phrase and understanding the figures of speech. Words such as “ate” and “eight”, “bear” and “bare”, “cereal” and “serial” or “alter” and “alter” are just some of the words that may be confusing to new speakers. Phrases and figure of speech, too, are another concept many new learners will find very difficult to understand. Depending on the context, they will need to understand the meaning behind phrases such as “Go knock yourself out”, “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings” or even phrases that invoke sarcasm. It is the reason why some ESL instructors use games and other forms of activities because it allows for better retention and understand by their students. In learning the language, one of the best activities to use are writing exercises. It allows the learner to practice both their writing and their language abilities at the same time. Since writing and speaking are two parts of the same system in language, getting learners to write down words and phrases can allow them to understand the language much quicker.

Another way to make learning easier is through the use of videos and graphical representations. Pictures are some of the most universally understandable forms of language around. It is highly likely that even if you do not know how to speak a language, you can still be able to tell the meaning of certain images being presented to you. As an example, the phrase “Give me the ball” be understood by presenting a simple image of a person handling over a ball to another person.

ESL games are relatively fun ways of learning English. Games can allow the student to test their reading abilities and for them to memorize words and phrases. ESL games allow for the best retention in terms of learning new phrases and words. It can be enjoyable for both young and old learners to understand the language though ESL games.

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